6 Ways To Integrate Exercise Into Your Everyday Life

Published on 12/28/2021

As an adult, you should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. But many people claim they don’t have the time to exercise. It is very easy to implement more movement in everyday life.

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6 Ways To Integrate Exercise Into Your Everyday Life

Short Distances Always By Foot

Whenever possible, you should walk short distances. You can safely cover the rolls for Sunday breakfast or the way to the post office in less than 20 minutes. Light walking not only counts as a valuable movement, it is also easy on the joints, improves your stamina and gives you energy. When you walk, you activate 70 percent of your body muscles, so it is the perfect workout for all ages and is very suitable for weight loss. But walking has another advantage because if you leave the car parked more often, you are also kind to the environment.

Standing Instead Of Sitting On Public Transport

The way to the bus, tram or subway station usually means more movement and steps than going to the car. So that you benefit, even more, you should rather leave your seat in public transport to others. Because standing relieves your neck and back, promotes blood circulation, and stimulates circulation. It also burns calories and strengthens your muscles. That’s why sports scientists recommend standing more often – even in the office with the help of a height-adjustable table.

Exercise While Cleaning

Cleaning is not necessarily everyone’s favorite hobby, but it does burn a lot of calories – especially if you move around your apartment while vacuuming and mopping and crouch down more often. If you hate cleaning, try to motivate yourself by thinking that it will bring you closer to your goal of getting more exercise. Gardening also provides the necessary extra exercise and is also a great hobby.

Go For A Walk With Friends

Combine your next coffee chat, date or meeting with a walk. You and your companion can take the coffee with you in the thermo mug while you talk while walking. Jogging together or other sports in the fresh air is also a great way to spend time together and burn calories in the process.

Walking While Brushing Your Teeth

It may sound trite, but even brushing your teeth can burn off a few extra calories. Walk up and down a few laps or train your sense of balance by alternately standing on one leg. A little movement can always be built-in.

Make Your Own Dance Party

Turn up your favorite song loudly and dance wildly through your apartment for a few minutes. Dancing is not just a great way to move. It releases endorphins and immediately puts you in a good mood. Try it right away, and you will see that dancing will be good for you physically and mentally.

As you can see, there are numerous simple ways to integrate more exercise into your everyday life and thereby feel healthier and fitter. Do something good for your physical health and your mental well-being and find fun in daily exercise.