How To Become More Confident Doing Sports

Published on 01/24/2022

Doing sports is physical exercise, which is not only healthy but also necessary for everyone. When you set out to jog 3 miles or bench press 220 pounds and do it, it’s tangible to us and stimulates our reward system. That means hormones are released in the brain that make us happier. Similar to a bar of chocolate, except that if we eat too much of it, we are working on the problem and not making it worse. A person with a stimulated reward system is always happier and therefore more self-confident. Through the success in sports, we trust ourselves more and look for higher goals.

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How To Become More Confident Doing Sports

Motivation To Start Exercising

Every beginning is difficult, but if you never start, you will never get better! A lot of people say “I’ll start exercising tomorrow”. Have you promised yourself something similar and not kept it? Who does not know it… On the days you want to start exercising, do it now! Not tomorrow, but today! You have nothing to lose if you want to get better soon.

Feeling Uncomfortable In The Gym

Some people are afraid to start exercising because they don’t feel comfortable in the gym. It’s kind of understandable for someone to feel uncomfortable in the gym with all those people looking like they’re in the magazine. In fact, you should weigh this “feeling uncomfortable” against the fact that you already don’t feel comfortable, and you can do something about it, especially there, in the gym. If you can’t get over it at all, just start with a workout at home in the living room.

Overcome Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard, you slept badly at night, the bus was late in the morning and your boss was in a bad mood. The day seems to be over, and you just want to go to the sofa. But your training plan says something else, you should actually go to training today. The temptation is great, and you don’t feel like working out anymore today. We promise you, if you push yourself and just go to the gym, you won’t regret it. Most of the time we only regret the things we didn’t do! There is hardly a nicer feeling than sitting down on the sofa proud and exhausted after training. No remorse – no regrets! As soon as the first successes appear, you will develop a new motivation. Then it will start to bring you fun and your self-confidence will benefit from it.

Long-Term Motivation To Exercise

Setting goals and then achieving them has a very positive effect on our reward system, and we become even more self-confident. Important is the goal and the time we give ourselves for the implementation. Because the whole principle quickly turns in the opposite direction if we set our goals too high and don’t achieve them. Also, the more goals you achieve, the better. That’s why it makes sense to set yourself many small goals as stages in order to keep yourself permanently motivated. For example, take your favorite exercise and try to increase the weight by 10% every 4 weeks. Or try to lose 4 pounds every two weeks.